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Comune di Bagnoregio

Exploring the Calanchi Valley and its most resplendent pearl, Civita di Bagnoregio, is the most charming experience that someone can live in the Centre of Italy. Hunting for more or less hidden clues of several civilizations: Etruscan traces, lombard footsteps, witnessing the tread of history untangle right in front of your own eyes. It has not been by chance that Italy decided to propose Bagnoregio to be a World Heritage Site.
Every day the Dying City steals the heart of its visitors from all over the world, fascinated by its brave fight against the erosion of the tuff cliff on which it sits. By the thousands challenge the lonely three hundred meters bridge that link Bagnoregio to Civita, to lose themselves in its romantic streets, to taste the delicious cooking in the small restaurants, to leave a small piece of soul to help holding up, with the power of passion, a crazy dream: hold on against time.

Comune di Bagnoregio

Piazza Sant’Agostino 21
CF: 00094410560
P.IVA: 00094410560

Tel: 0761780815


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