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Comune di Celleno

There is, in each of us, an imaginary place born from childhood fantasy: those who come to the Borgo Fantasma┬« have the feeling of having returned to that magical place where, as a child, they experienced the most exciting adventures. Celleno is the treasure chest of historical evidence and extraordinary events that through the castle, abandoned almost a century ago, grant visitors an evocative journey through time. Along the narrow alleys and in the shadow of the centuries-old tuff buildings, among the ruins, you will rediscover the story of the indomitable Giovanni Gatti who challenged the pope and paid with his life, and you will find yourself, almost involuntarily, immersed in the town’s innovative diffuse museum, in a crescendo of beauty that culminates with the majesty of the Orsini Castle. Not only has History taken refuge in this precious country, the Present has also found a home here, in the genius of Enrico Castellani, a celebrated artist who has elected this place as his home for over forty years.
The Ecomuseo della Ciliegia, an exquisite local delicacy that gladdens the palates from May to July, accompanies you along paths to discover the enchanted places that the landscape unveils: through untrodden paths, past mysterious ravines, you will awaken again in the present, this time in the company of precious memories and unforgettable experiences.

Comune di Celleno

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