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Comune di Graffignano

Graffignano always welcomes its visitors with warmth, ready to make them feel like home. Starting from the first of its treasures, the ancient village, the sight flies from beauty to beauty, from the wonderful Church of San Martino to the solemn Sanctuary of the Madonna of Castellonchio ‘til it lands on Baglioni Castle, which keeps an eye on the village from above.
While exploring, please do not gasp from the
sight of Piero Baglioni’s ghost, his soul still lives in the castle’s rooms, they say.


Once the Pirri’s Rock, the village still takes very seriously its old task: to never stop telling about the love for its land. As Palazzo Baronale keeps the faces of a prideful past, the Church of Santa Maria keeps the bones of it. Standing in the explosion of beauty that is the Baglioni Chapel, you will almost wish for another set of eyes to try and absorb all the wonder that comes at you from every angle.

Comune di Graffignano

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