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Comune di Vitorchiano

Vitorchiano is “The suspended village”. Its beauty is engraved in stone, with its houses looming on emptiness and silence, almost born from the cliff’s immobility. Conjured from hopes and labor, formed with work and passion, the village’s profile comes to life along the skyline, formed by roofs, towers and bell towers: man’s pen wrote the lines of legend, poised between ruin and eternity.
Roads and squares’ exploration will be the perfect occasion to admire the characteristic “profferli”, external stone staircases (made with peperino, obviously) running around the buildings’ facade, or to visit the monumental houses like the Rabbi’s House or Saint Rose’s House. Got a strange deja vu? Maybe you are in Vicolo dell’Arco, where Monicelli filmed his Armata Brancaleone. Waiting a few more moments in front of the Moai and maybe the Ancestor’s spirit, who watches over the everlasting village, will come to you.
In the Most Beautiful Italian Villages collection, to which Tuscia have been passionately dedicated, a special place is reserved to Vitorchiano, the Valle del Vezza’s keeper.

Comune di Vitorchiano

Piazza Sant’Agnese
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